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Boutique Etiquette

The experience within the boutique isn’t suitable for all pets. A pet is a good candidate for our store visit if they are normally friendly, easy-going, and is sociable around people. But when that makes them (or you) uncomfortable, be prepared to ask people to refrain from petting or touching your dog.

Reservations, Cancellations, & Late Policy

Being 30 minutes late with no notice, is considered a “No-show, No-call”. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment, give away your spot, or decline a late drop off. Please call or email the day before to cancel or reschedule. If your pet is not picked up by closing for the day, an additional $1 per minute charge may apply.

Matted Ears Policy

We will not shave severe matted ears.

The skin on your dog’s ears is very sensitive and thin. If your dogs’ ears become matted, the mats can cause delicate blood vessels in the ears to rupture, causing hematomas in the ears. Hematomas can be very painful for your dog and must be treated by your veterinarian

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