I wish I could give this store 10 stars !!! This place is outstanding!! Starting with the great customer service they really make you feel at home. Let me not forget to tell you guys, that this is the first place I come across where the doggies are exited to come in and not Shaking and peeing out of fear as they walk in. They all look very exited and comfortable. The staff is very knowledgeable and attentive to every request and concern you might have. I have a soon to be 17 years old poodle who I take care of with my life!!! And I take him here with no hesitation. He feels relaxed and that means everything to me because he is blind, and can’t hear on top of other medical issues…But this visit was different… I brought in a dog who I recently found lost on my way home… We have tried everything to help her find her way home. She looked very bad and after explaining the situation the owners decided to help out and give her a complementary cut!!! WHO DOES THAT NOW A DAYS… Besides being a successful family business their HEART MATCHES THEIR CORE VALUES !!! They know that they have a customer for life in me… Specially now after such a kind gesture!!! Many blessing and Thank you so much!!! She can finally see and she looks beautiful!!!

Rayzahir Sanchez

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