This place is beyond amazing!!! Not only it supports our local elementary school with donations, and volunteers work but helps the community in every way possible! I brought a dog which I rescued from the street and it was in heart breaking conditions. They gifted me with a free make over for this poor soul… Not to mention is the only place I would take my 17 year old miniature poodle for haircuts before he passed of cancer because of the care and love they provide!!! They also support our local shelter and advocate for people to adopt!!! They offer competitive and fair prices… I wish all the small businesses would be like this one… They are beyond compassionate and caring. This is the only place I would take my life companions. Next time you visit any other pet groomer ask them besides what they do… what else do they do to support their community education and local shelters !!! The woof is here is definitely the way to go.

Ronald Machado

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